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Contact Us
If you would like us to respond to your inquiry by phone, please provide a daytime phone number with area code.

Questions pertaining to sensitive information are best directed to Customer Service by calling a Crowned Eagle Banking Specialist at +2341-773-13-95.

Customer Services is the first point of contact for our customers in order to respond to their complaints and provide public information about our Bank , products and services.
we are currently investing in new technology to deal with enquiries, more quickly and efficiently. We have personal bankers ready to provide you with a personalized and expert services.

We are please to serve our customers better by providing information about our products and services.

Crowned Eagle (MF) Bank, Ltd.
132 Isawo Road
Ikorodu,Lagos State


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Customer care:

We value our customers so much that, we have put in place a regular Free Medical Check-up for all our customers by qualified Doctors. Please contact customer services for full details. We believe that health is wealth and a healthy customer is a lifetime healthy money.

Visit our Help page for additional information.

Crowned Eagle is an Elite, Contemporary and Friendly Bank