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Management Team

Crowned Eagle management team is composed of diverse team of people with varying degree of backgrounds.

The arrangement truly reflects the extent of creating inclusive society, from ordinary to a more globalise focus. This further enhance advocacy and brings real business benefits, to our customers and community.

The followings are the profiles of our management team:


The president and CEO of Crowned Eagle. He is an Engineer and Chartered Building Surveyor with considerable management skills and experience.

He has a BSc degree in construction from university of Westminster London, post graduate degree (PG Dip) from Reading university UK and master's degree (MSc) from University College London, and membership of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor UK.

His management speciality is in Local Authority construction projects (in Britain) in excess of 10million.

The president is dynamic and very active in community participation in Britain. He believes in transfer of knowledge, with a unique vision for direction and pro-active leadership quality. The president has managed multi-million pounds of construction projects in Britain.

His potency is in built environment with expertise in Local Authority Housing development programmes and community partnership participation – specialising in Collaborative Working, Organisational and Project Governance.

Kehinde Taiwo

Kehinde is the chairlady of Crowned Eagle. She is active, self-motivated and versed in community activities.

She is experienced in judiciary issues, having worked for Lagos state Judiciary for over thirty years. Kehinde is very much involved in community participation, helping local businesses to develop and enabling group of local people to achieve their full potentials. Kehinde is due to complete a BSc degree in Banking and Finance at Lagos State University.

Ademola Olowoyeye

Ademola is one of the Directors of Crowned Eagle. Held a number of senior appointments in Nigeria. He is a legal practitioner by profession. He has been practicing law since 1979. He had National service experience at the Ministry of justice, Oyo state and later became a state counsel at the Ministry of Justice, Akure Ondo state 1980.

Ademola worked with Wema Bank in 1981as a legal adviser. He later joined Tokunbo Orimobi & Co (Law firm) as an associate between 1981 - 1985. Thereafter, in 1985 he set up his own Law firm - 'Ademola Olowoyeye & Co'. Over the years, he has been involved in various court trials in areas of personal, real estate, corporate and commercial law practice. At a point served as special assistant to the Honourable Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice between 1994 - 1996.

Gboyega Oyekanmi

Mr. G. O. Oyekanmi is internal auditor and consultant to the Bank. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). He is an alumnus of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos and a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management and Chartered Institute of Administration.

He has extensive working experience which spans over two decades. He worked briefly with United Bank for Africa, Lagos Head office and Ijora branch before moving on to Nigerian Textile Mills Ltd, Ikeja in 1978. He held various management positions and to become the Assistant Chief Account. He resigned in 1993 to join Research and marketing Services Ltd. Ojodu Lagos as Finance Controller. In 1998 he became the pioneer Chief Internal Auditor of the Organisation and was later elevated to the position of Finance Director, the position he held before retiring from the company in 2003.

Kunle Taiwo

s a pioneer member of the Board of Directors. Kunle is a 1981 graduate of department of mass communication, University of Lagos

With varied working experience in produce inspection, Banking and Public Relation, which he had deployed to enhance the quality of debates and decision making at the board, he is the de-facto communication adviser of the bank.

He is the Executive Chairman of Markit and company limited - a Public Relation, Event Management and printing outfit in mainland Lagos. He is married with four children.
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